Growing vs Scaling your Franchise

In its simplest form growing a company is the ability to add money to the turnover but to achieve this you have to scale all aspects of your operations, your team, your payroll, your marketing etc. But what you find is it takes a lot of time and resources to scale to a large business and unfortunately in the cleaning industry this is a hazard of the job, as you bring on more clients you are always going to need more teams, more kit etc.

On the other hand, scaling a business is the art of increasing revenue without incurring significant costs, this is what we aim to help you achieve by taking on a Sparkle Cleaning Franchise, we have spent years creating the systems needed to help you identify when you need to increase speed or pivot your offerings.

Most business owners are able to see significant growth in the first few years because of their enthusiasm alone however once you have been trading for 2, 3 or 4 years generally they start to see this growth start to level off. This is generally because they are always trying to sell the same thing, a cleaning company that will only ever sell cleaning hours but to really start to scale a business you need to make sure you offer more than just cleaning hours but if done wrong this can lead to many more headaches.

Scaling your business is one of the hardest things to do, most businesses when they try to move from growing a business to scaling they just add a larger area or more services however if you increase area you will need more teams, more supervisors and if anything goes wrong it will take you longer to deal with a situation equally if you offer more services will you be able to but the quality equipment you need, for example its very well moving into carpet cleaning but if you can only afford a £100 carpet cleaning from a supermarket is that going to deliver the standards you expect to deliver your clients?

Every cleaning business is able to grow and then scale but what we see time and time again is cleaning companies that become a generalist, doing a bit of commercial cleaning, a bit of domestic cleaning a bit of window cleaning, a bit of carpet cleaning etc.

What we do at Sparkle Cleaning is help you take your franchise and grow it but then when you have the basics in place which we believe takes about 2 years, we then show you how to turn up the gas and to really scale meaning you can be earning £500,000 within 4 or 5 years using our systems and processes.

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