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What’s the true cost of employing cleaning staff directly?

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your commercial cleaning but thought it to be too expensive? If the answer is yes, keep reading as you may be surprised to learn the true cost of doing it yourself or employing directly.

It may seem like the most cost-effective solution to run your cleaning team in-house but businesses often forget the additional costs involved such as budgeting for sickness, holidays, pension contributions and any staff benefits offered by the company. Plus management time and staff training is often overlooked when setting cleaning budgets.

The average salary for a full-time cleaner (outside London) is £18,000 per annum including holiday pay.

Factor in sick pay (£436.15 roughly one week per year)

Tax, pension and national insurance contributions (£2,700 per year)

Recruitment costs to advertise, interview and hire candidates (approximately £500)

Cleaning materials (£1,500 per annum)

And finally any ongoing management costs (£1,000 per annum).

You’re looking at a cost to your business of roughly £24,136.15 per annum, per employee!

Payroll, HR, staff training costs and absence…

Ask yourself how much time is spent processing payroll and HR for your cleaning team? How much time is spent training new cleaners and carrying out refresher training for any long standing team members? What about the time invested in managing the team, auditing standards and dealing with problems such as absences? Absence alone can take a lot of time to source cover and if you can’t source this in-house it can cost an arm and a leg using agencies for temporary support or worse than that, the cleaning goes amiss. If the cleaning isn’t done because of absence, what is the greater impact on your business and colleagues?

Attrition and recruitment

Another question for you; what is your cleaning staff attrition like? If your attrition levels are high, how much time and money are you spending on advertising cleaning jobs and the recruitment and onboarding process? Who is responsible for this and does it distract from their key responsibilities and best use of time?

All these little things soon start to add up and it’s a lot more than you might initially think.


Outsourcing your commercial cleaning takes the hassle and associated costs away from you. It can also significantly improve the motivation levels of the cleaning team and the standards of cleanliness. This is due to having the right training, chemicals and equipment, working to checklists and having a regular auditing program and supervisor support. Improved standards of cleanliness have been shown to increase employee productivity and wellbeing in the workplace. Plus it creates great first impressions for your clients and customers.

All of our clients have a dedicated point of contact and regular communication from our head office team. This gives our clients peace of mind that they are in good hands and we pride ourselves on the relationships we build.


We make sure to hire the right people based on our stringent recruitment systems so you know you’re getting high-quality cleaners that share our core company values and deliver consistently. Our supervisors help us ensure that a clean is never missed, regardless of holiday and absence. And we’re pleased to be able to say that our first ever team member still works with us today!

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