Giving back to our community

At Sparkle Cleaning, we’re family focused and believe in supporting good causes in our community.

How we support our community

We’re very open about being motivated to make money and believe we should give back some of our earnings to charities within our community. Each month we give grants to good causes, either by supporting our people in their fund-raising efforts or as direct donations in Sparkle’s name.

We encourage people to come to us with weird and wonderful fund-raising ideas that need a bit of financial support to get off the ground. Highlights include a sponsored attempt to break the Guinness World Record for marathon ironing and cycling from Manchester to London in a single day.

Animal welfare is a cause close to our heart, too. It’s something we try to support at any opportunity, so some of the projects we currently sponsor include Bristol Zoo and Donkeys of West Africa. Most recently, as Guardians of the bears at Bristol Zoo we’ve donated to the new bear enclosures. And we’re always on the look-out for new causes to get behind, too!

Some of the community organisations we’ve helped

Some of the communities we’ve helped

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