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4 Reasons to get a new cleaning quote before the end of the lockdown

Although there are many reasons to look for a new cleaning company when the current lockdown ends Sparkle Cleaning always recommend that you start looking well ahead of time, although there are several reasons why this could benefit you we have picked the top 4 reasons we believe you should consider.

Price Guarantee

As with all things supply and demand there is always a risk that cleaning companies will put their prices up.

The cleaning industry is fairly consistent with there pricing structure and although some companies decide to give a flat price and others give an hourly rate it is always somewhere in the region of £13 – £25 per hour however as with everything there are always a few companies that push the boundaries and as we saw at the end of the 1st and 2nd lockdown to their prices up to extortionate amounts.

After the first lockdown, we were asked to speak with a client’s current contractor to try and negotiate them out of a 3-year contract. Even though their offices had been closed for the past 6 months and no teams had been working on site they had still been forced to pay the entirety of the invoice, then when they did open back up the cleaning contractor increased their hourly rate from £16 per hour to £25 per hour just because they could!

Don’t currently have a cleaner

Many cleaning contracts have run their course during the last few months of lockdown, so now is a great time to look for a new contractor.

There is no rush, many cleaning companies are now doing blind quotes to reduce the person to person contact meaning that it has never been easier or faster to get a selection of quote and have time to research the individual companies.

You are ready to go

By bringing in a cleaning contractor you’ll have the faith and confidence that when you are able to open your premises you will be ready to go.

This will give both you and the contractor time to organise any signatures and checklists needed so that you don’t have to join all the companies that have left it to the last minute.

When the first lockdown ended Sparkle Cleaning saw a shift in mentallity where everyone wanted a cleaning company to come in and they wanted it as quickly as possible. Obviously, this caused a few issues as no cleaning company have several team members just sat around, we always ask for a 14 day period to get the teams organised (Although quite often we can do it quicker than this) but by doing it far in advance you can be happy that on the day you bring your team back it will all be ready to go.

Don’t have to worry about the cleaning of your offices

There is no end to the reassurance of coming into a nice clean office especially over the last 12 months however as the pandemic hopefully starts to end and the vaccine starts to work we should be able to open up our offices.

In a recent study 3 out of 4 employees want to return to their offices, no necessarily every day but for a few days a week meaning that there will be a reason to downsize the office, theres no point in having 100 desks if you never have more than 30 people coming in. But, if the office size is reduced this will mean that people will share desks. 

How do we stop germs from spreading while hotdesking? You can always ask the team to wipe everything down before and after use however some people will forget and some will ignore their responsibility. The obvious answer to us is to bring in an external cleaning company with a proven track record to support you.

At Sparkle Cleaning this is specifically what we do, we attend your sites with all the equipment and chemicals we need to make sure your site is as safe as possible. Before we start on our first day we will give you a copy of your checklist which will include all our Covid touchpoints to make sure no matter how many people share a desk during the day it always Sparkles at the beginning of the next one.

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