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First Impressions

First impressions count right? That’s why it’s so important to make sure that everything from your company brand to your team members and the office toilets accurately represents who you are and what you stand for. Think Cartier, think Apple, think Virgin Atlantic and Disney! Did you know that the custodial cast members at Disney wear white to encourage them to take extra care in their work to keep their costumes clean? What a fantastic, yet simple idea.

Commercial cleaning plays such a vital role in the image of your business and it’s often overlooked. People don’t see the value in it, especially if it’s something they can do themselves in a small or medium sized office. But let’s think about this, does it really pay to get your team members to do your office cleaning internally? If they are spending time cleaning then what aren’t they doing and is this a valuable use of company time and money? Will they put in the same level of effort and attention to detail as a professional cleaning company?

With Sparkle Cleaning you not only get a dedicated and fully trained team for your office who provide a clean workspace and a happy and healthy environment for your staff; it’s our sole purpose to make sure your premises is the best representation of you to keep your customers and clients coming back time and time again. 

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