How often should your office be cleaned

Offices may not seem like the type of place that can quickly get dirty and cluttered, but with lots of people working there and lots of activity, things can get unkept and quickly. This is why many people turn to the services of a professional commercial cleaning company.

The decision to hire one is usually relatively simple, you know when you need one, however, what you may not be quite so sure of is how often you should organise for your office to be cleaned. Essentially it will really depend on your workplace and your needs, however, to help you to plan, we have put together how often it is likely that your office will need to be cleaned.

The most regular tasks

The regularity that you organise an office clean will really depend on the size of your business, the nature of what you do and of course how many employees that you have. However, there are some certain tasks that really need to be done on a twice weekly, if not more frequent basis, if you want to make sure that your office space looks its best.

The first place to start is with the reception area, this is the first part of your business that people will see and there is also a good chance that visitors will be spending some time sat in this space, which means that it needs to look its best. Else, you may find that they form the wrong opinion about what you are like as a company.

Next, you need to think about the toilet. Much like the reception area, this is going to get used on a frequent basis, and a dirty look is never a good thing. Also, a toilet that isn’t cleaned enough is likely to start to smell and this can travel through the entire office in no time at all. Whilst we are thinking about nasty smells, the bins are another part of the office that should be emptied and cleaned out as often as possible.

Last of all, if you have decided to opt for modern office design, with lots of lovely glass partitions, then these are going to need to be wiped down at least every other day. Fingerprints and general dirt and dust are not only attracted to these surfaces, but they show up too, which will end up making the entire space look messy.

What about other less frequent tasks?

So, these are the types of thing that you should organise to be done at least on a twice-weekly basis, if not more often. What about those things that are less regular?

Hoovering the carpet is incredibly important, but for the majority of office spaces, this can be a weekly job, especially if it is teamed with hoovering any fabric chairs at the same time. You may also want to arrange for desks to have a good wipe down every week, as they can soon become dirty if they are left uncleaned for too long. Monthly jobs include cleaning the windows and making sure that any cobwebs are removed.

As you can see, there are a variety of tasks that you need to think about arranging for your office clean, the frequency that you arrange these really depends on just how dirty things get in between the cleans. However, if you choose a Sparkle Cleaning, then in no time at all, they can turn the dirtiest office into a space that everyone is happy to be in.

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