How to de-clutter your workplace

They say tidy desk then tidy mind and it is safe to say that for many of us, the idea of being surrounded with clutter whilst we work is not one that we see favorably. However, with so many people working together in one space, with different takes on tidying, there is always a chance that things can get a little cluttered and messy.
So, what can you do? Are there any ways that you can declutter your workplace and have things looking clean neat and tidy? To help you, we have put together our top tips on how to declutter our workplace and create that neat and tidy space that you crave. Ideal for you to pass down to your employees in order to help them to take charge of their own workspace tidying.

Think about the things that you really use and need

One of the best places to start when it comes to decluttering your workplace is by identifying the things that you really need and what you use on a daily basis. Once you know what you are going to need then you can make sure that they claim their own space whilst other items will need to find a new home, or be recycled or given away.

Eat lunch away from their desk

It is great that your staff is so dedicated to what they do for you that they decide to eat at their desks, however, this can soon mean that their desk is packed full of plates, forks, knives, and rubbish. It is a good idea, not only for cleanliness but also for their own health and wellbeing, that your staff is encouraged to eat their lunch away from their desk. Give them a space to escape to, make it comfortable for them and ask them to eat their lunch there, you may be surprised by just how much of an improvement this will make to their workspace.

Be more digital

It is so much easier right now to be paperless in an office and working environment. Not only is this often more secure, but seeing as you won’t have lots of paper lying around, your desk is always going to be tidier. Encourage your employees to take a paperless approach to work, stop printing emails and things that need to be read, instead of focusing on keeping everything on their computers or any other devices that you give them access to.

Provide storage for their desk

No matter how neat and tidy you try to keep things, you are likely to find that your staff still have some things on their desks. If you want to make sure that these are kept neat and tidy then it is worthwhile making sure that they are provided with desk tidy’s and storage. Not only will this encourage them to put things away but will also make things look a lot less cluttered too.

As you can see, decluttering your work place need not be the headache that you may think it would be. Instead, with some effort, you can create a space that everyone is happy to be in.

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