Cleaning considerations for Architects

When it comes to commercial cleaning, no two companies are the same. However, there are some similarities between the different types of companies and their needs. There are also some particular types of businesses that require specialist considerations when it comes to their cleaning requirements.

Architects are one of them. So, what are these cleaning considerations that you need to keep in mind
for architects?

Fully vetted cleaners

There is a good chance that the majority of cleaners will be working in your premises whilst you are not there. This means that you are going to want to trust them and know that they will keep not only your premises safe, but everything in there too. One way to be sure that the cleaners that are working within
premises are of the best quality is to fully vet them. This is usually done via background checks and additionally also DBS checks too.

Professional uniforms

Whilst it is vital that cleaners wear clothes that ensure that they are comfortable and that they can move around with ease, it is also key that they look professional. The clothes that they wear should make the right impression and also keep them looking clean, even when they have been hard at work.


The information that is often found in an architect office can be confidential in nature. Particular if it involves planning permission and information about people and their homes. If a cleaner comes across this information during their work, then they need to ensure that they know how to approach this and ensure that the confidential information is protected and kept secure.

Flexible schedules

Many cleaners work in their clients premises outside of working hours, and in the most part this arrangement is ideal. Many architects will keep to their set hours, however, there are likely to be times when things have changed and that cleaning times also have to be amended. This means that one consideration for this type of business is keeping to a flexible schedule.

As you can see, there are a variety of things that need to be kept in mind when it comes to cleaning for an architect. The main one is always to deliver the very best cleaning possible, ensuring that the premises, no matter the business within them, always looks its best.

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