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Bristol Zoo

Guardians of Bears…. and Staff

Sparkle Cleaning set high standards. They are also raising the bar when it comes to employee engagement and staff wellbeing. The Bristol-based cleaning company was founded in 2016 by Gareth Sanders and they specialise in commercial property cleaning. Gareth is proud of his staff and his city and wanted to find a way to support both.

Gareth explains

“I expect high standards at work but I also know how it feels to work somewhere where your hard work doesn’t get valued. When I set up Sparkle Cleaning one of my values was to give support to the community. After consultation with some staff members we decided supporting Bristol Zoological Society and Bear Wood at Wild Place Project was the perfect solution. Our staff can visit the Bristol Zoo Gardens and Wild Place Project with their families throughout the year and we get to be part of the important conservation work they are doing”

Sparkle Cleaning are not only corporate members at Bristol Zoo Gardens and Wild Place Project but also Bear Wood Business Guardians

Lucy Tissington, Development Officer for Bristol Zoological Society met with Gareth and was blown away by his enthusiasm for the Bear Wood Business Guardian scheme:

“It’s so exciting to partner with Gareth and the team at Sparkle Cleaning. Sparkle Cleaning’s support is so important to help reach the Appeal’s target and ultimately protect native species here in the UK”

Gareth would like to encourage other Bristol businesses to think how they can support the city and community and what fits in with their company values and staff members.

“I’m not keen on that phrase ‘team-building’ but taking the staff to Wild Place Project felt like it did build the team. We had such a fabulous day together – we all feel like we are part of something important”

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