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Case Study – Large office block

Sparkle Cleaning had been working with a large serviced office cleaning the communal areas for a couple of years when the client recommended them to another branch and made an introduction. The other branch had become increasingly frustrated with their current cleaning provider who hadn’t been spending the correct amount of time on-site, but claimed that they had and continued to invoice for the full amount of time. This resulted in hours and hours of the client’s time wasted on searching through security reports and extracting swipe card access information in order to review the actual time spent on site. Despite the evidence, their existing provider insisted it was wrong and refused to compensate the client, which damaged the relationship beyond repair. It was at this moment that the client knew they needed to make a change and invest in a company that not only care but could also deliver.

In the initial meeting with the client, they were obviously quite apprehensive given their previous experience but Sparkle Cleaning were able to provide a simple and effective solution by implementing a time management system with GPS tracking.

The existing team were TUPED over from the previous supplier and introduced to The Sparkle Way. They instantly felt welcomed to the family and commented on how nice it was to see the management team in person and the support received from day one. Sparkle Cleaning worked closely with the team to make the transition as smooth as possible as a change of employer can be unsettling if not done in the right way. The team were really receptive to the new way of working using a simple time management app which has enabled us to rebuild the clients’ confidence in their cleaning provision.

Once the team had been with us for 3 months they were gifted annual passes to the local zoo. The team feel recognised and valued for their hard work and the results of feeling this way speak volumes on the client site. The team are more engaged and motivated and the standards have improved significantly. 

As a direct result of the positive steps we have taken, Sparkle Cleaning has been awarded more business cleaning individual units within the serviced offices and are currently in discussion about taking on more regional branches to deliver the same results across the board.

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