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How commercial cleaning can increase your profits!

To increase profit in your business, the first thing you should look at is the marketing that your cleaning does. Raymond Kroc, the American businessman who helped franchise McDonald’s, was well known for going into McDonald’s, checking the toilets, picking up a mop and giving them a good clean. This is because he knew that when parents and their children used the facilities, parents would notice the standards of cleanliness and were more likely to return if the standards were good.

Cleaning is marketing!!

It’s the first judgment people make when they go into a shop, restaurant, office or even when walking down the street. If the place is dirty, your customers and clients are going to make a judgment before they’ve even spoken to anyone in your business; because cleaning is marketing!

One of the easiest ways to clean your premises is to make sure you keep on top of the dusting. You can do this in multiple ways, especially if you’re looking at improving the profit in your business based on the cleaning. By reducing the dust in the environment, it will reduce dust particles in the air which can get into the lungs potentially making your staff unwell through irritation of the respiratory system. Sickness accounts for about 2.7% of time off work annually. If you base that on an average salary of £25,000 p/a, that equates to £675.00 p/a spent on sick pay alone…and that’s just for one employee! Just imagine if your staff have 2.7% more time in your business to sell, form client relationships and improve the systems, that will increase productivity and ultimately the profits of your business.

You can do this by bringing in a professional cleaning company. If your own team are currently doing the cleaning, this will take away from their core duties. Think about how much time it takes to ‘pop’ to the shop to buy cleaning supplies. It might be 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back; yes, it’s only 20 minutes but if your team do this every week, that’s roughly 17 hours over the course of a year! This is more time they could be selling and making sure your clients are happy.

Working with a commercial cleaning company like Sparkle Cleaning will ensure the correct chemicals and equipment are used; professional quality products meaning you will instantly get a better standard of cleaning that also lasts longer. A professional cleaning company also use checklists so the teams know exactly what needs to be cleaned and what standard to clean it too. Then you’ve also got regular audits that will help consistently stay on top of the cleaning standards. This means your staff are going to have 2.7% more time in the business generating you more business and more money.

What does your cleaning say about your business?

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