Franchise vs Expanding

One question Sparkle Cleaning gets asked repeatedly is why we decided to Franchise the business instead of growing it organically and expanding to other cities.

There is a strong argument for both, what I’m going to try is to cover a few of the important factors we looked at as a Management team before we made our decision.


At Sparkle Cleaning whenever we hire we don’t just look for people who want to work with us we look for Sparklettes, these are the people who want to grow with us and live by our values. By franchising, this helps us identify even more people that aren’t just people looking to buy into a business system, a Sparkle Cleaning Franchisee wants to help others grow and develop using the Sparkle System as support.

Once we have the right Sparkle Cleaning Franchisees in place they have a unique drive to help pick the right candidates to develop their own region so they can lead our ranking boards. Sparkle Cleaning has hundreds of resources to help them to develop their teams. These haven’t just been built off our experiences Gareth took the time to reach out and discuss training, customer service and other aspects with Disney trainers so that when Disney is delivering the service with a pinch of pixie dust, Spaklettes deliver customer service with a sparkle.

By this point there will be the right Franchisee in place, using the Sparkle Systems the franchisee will have been able to put the right Sparkle Cleaner in place and train them to the high standard expected of all our team and this means that there is less risk for the client.

Clients generally have 3 main issues with cleaning contractors Time spent on site, Standards and communication. Sparkle cleaning has outlined all these as a basis of the Sparkle Cleaning System. This means that there is reduced risk to the Franchisee and the clients, everyone working with a Sparkle Cleaning Franchise should all get the same excellent service.

Expand Business Internally

By expanding Sparkle Cleaning Internally we would be able to put a real focus on the teams we have in place and training them. For example, Mcdonalds promote more crew members to management than externally recruit, because Sparkle Cleaning has such good systems in place this would be perfectly possible to bring cleaners up to a position in the office however what happens if our Bristol supervisor wants to expand his knowledge and we are fully staffed in the office? What would his next step be? We would potentially lose a great employee based on not expanding.

There’s always the option in this case of expanding into new markets for example since we only do Commercial Cleaning why not expand into domestic, or windows or carpets? This would be easy to do if Sparkle Cleaning were only operational in a small area, however, if we were franchised out nationwide this would be more problematic.

Similarly, keeping the business smaller and growing internally would also mean we would be able to keep the family relationships we strive for, Cleaning is a numbers game with a fairly large team. Dunbar’s number states that an individual can only have a stable relationship with 150 people however I’ve read studies making this number as small as 20 people, either way franchising the business means we would have to lose those personal relationships with all team members.

So why the franchise option?

Sparkle Cleaning wanted to do everything we have mentioned above, we wanted to give team members the opportunity to grow and develop their skills and deliver a great service for the clients.

Franchising seemed the best option because Sparkle Cleaning built out the systems to develop all team members at every level and gives the teams more options when they reach that ceiling. They could move into operations, marketing, training or we’ve built out a cleaner can go from cleaning sites to owning their own franchise in as little as 3 years.

Ultimately, Sparkle Cleaning made the decision based on the clients and teams, Sparkle Cleaning Franchisees can offer a better service by having a locally owned and managed site rather than an operations manager based in Bristol trying to sort an issue in Manchester.

Finally, we always look for the best cleaners to join our team. We hope that one day every one of them who has come through our training programme will be able to own a Sparkle Cleaning Franchise.

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