Get to know the Sparkle Cleaning brand

So what is the Sparkle Cleaning brand? 

The Sparkle Cleaning brand is more than just a logo; it’s our core values – the things we live and breathe, day in, day out, and are in everything we do. 

These are the ethos that we impress upon our team members, our clients, and our franchisees. 

In terms of employees, our brand relates to being a fair employer, giving them opportunities to progress, learn and develop. Ultimately, we want our team to enjoy coming to work.

In terms of clients, we want our clients to refer us on to others. They know that we’re going to arrive on time, and clean to a high standard. Our clients know who to turn to if there is a problem, and it’s important that they know, like and trust their Sparkle Cleaning contact. 

And in terms of our franchisees, they are investing money into us because they believe in us as a brand, and they believe in us as a company. We want to show our franchisees a return on their investment, and make sure that they’d be happy to refer us to their loved ones.

This is all woven into our branding. For us, our branding is ultimately when someone says, “Choose Sparkle Cleaning,” whether they’re talking about offering you a job, or you coming on board as a client or taking on a franchise, it’s that feeling in your gut. 

So when someone says to you, “Sparkle Cleaning,” what is the feeling you get in your gut? That’s branding.

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