How to avoid high-pressure franchise sales tactics

When considering investing in a franchise, it’s important to be aware of a high-pressure sales pitch.

This can come in all shapes and sizes, but here are a few elements to be aware of:


When you meet with a sales representative from the franchise company, you’ll usually be asked lots of questions. This is for their benefit, as well as yours – however, if they are trying to pressure you into buying the franchise then this may come across as an interrogation! This could be due to an inexperienced salesperson, but this approach to sales can also give you an insight to the franchise.

A good franchise sales meeting should be a two-way conversation, which is more like an interview. At this stage, it’s important for a good franchise salesperson to make sure that you share the same values as the franchise, and that your investment will be well-placed.

For example, if we are interviewing someone for a Sparkle Cleaning franchise then it’s important that they share our core values. This is something which we look for in all of our cleaning teams and our franchisees. If we don’t all share the same values, then we aren’t necessarily moving forward in the same direction. There’s no need for pressure, as we want to match exactly the right people to our franchises.

Get-rich-quick schemes

Unfortunately, franchises can get a bad name from get-rich-quick schemes.

Almost any company can launch a franchise – in fact, there are over 900 franchise companies in the UK already, and that figure gets bigger every year. Some will promise that you’ll be making millions in your first year with a 20% profit margin; and while that’s not impossible, it is rare.

When looking for a franchise, ask about their accreditations and past successes. When you enquire about a Sparkle Cleaning franchise,we will automatically put you in touch with a franchisee – ideally one that’s local to you, so that you can meet with them and pick their brains.

You can also rest assured that a Sparkle Cleaning franchise is accredited by the British Franchise Association, which means that we have been checked and audited to make sure that we have a proven track record, and that our ROI claims are factual.


Discounts generally destroy sales in a franchise.

A franchise system has been built upon love for the company, so if the company is selling their franchise at a heavy discount then alarm signals should be going off!

Always ask the question of why they are applying the discount… and trust your gut if it’s a genuine reason. For example, during the COVID-19 outbreak, you were able to get  a Sparkle Cleaning Franchise on delayed terms. This was due to Sparkle Cleaning living their values; to put family first and adding value. We want everyone who works with us to feel like family, and get value in everything they do, so were happy to offer a promotional offer during this time. 

By offering the discount, Sparkle Cleaning were able to start more franchises, and generate jobs and income for the local territories – meaning that we were able to add value to the local areas.

To find out more about investing in a Sparkle Cleaning franchise, visit our Become a Franchisee page, send us a message, or call us on 01172 591 456.

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