School cleaning – Have you done your homework?

In view of the Cornovirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to create a safe and healthy learning environment for our children and education professionals. Even though children have a better immune system response to COVID-19 it’s important to teach them good habits and the best way to do this is from an early age and leading by example.

Shocking facts!

Whilst children may have better immune response to COVID-19 than adults, did you know that on average, students come in contact with about 152,300 germs while they’re at school? One study found that children under two years old bring their fingers to their faces 81 times per hour! Just think about how many germs are being transferred.

As with any commercial cleaning, it’s key to focus on cleaning and disinfecting high usage and high touch areas such as classroom desks, door handles, cafeteria tables and chairs, computer keyboards, water fountains and toilets etc. Using the right cleaning products is also essential; there is a big difference between cleaning and sanitising which is why we clean dirt and grime first before sanitising surfaces with a viricidal disinfectant that is safe for use in schools.

Cleaning is a valuable learning experience

Teaching children how to wash their hands properly is vital from a young age as well as learning the skills on how to clean, tidy and respect their environment. Children learn through play which is why we’ve put together some fun activity packs. You can find them on our client resources page along with other helpful tools and posters such as how to wash and sanitise hands.

Client Reources

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