Preparing for the end of COVID19

Sparkle Cleaning works very closely with other companies in our sector such as A Cleaning Service so that if one of our clients needs a service we can’t provide we have a highly-skilled, vetted alternative.

Here is a post that A Cleaning Service kindly posted mentioning us –

What preparations have you got in place to ensure your home or office is safe and protected against COVID19 (coronavirus)?

Coronavirus has definitely got us all thinking about our cleaning routine and this extra time at home has given us the perfect excuse to do a proper spring clean! I don’t know about you, but it seems we are all getting pretty used to our little clean bubbles at home so the thought of going back to an office where everyone touches everything suddenly seems quite gross! 

Here are some top tips to ensure your workspace is safe for when you return back to work! 

Tip 1: Get those carpets clean!

Greet your returning employees and customers with brilliantly clean carpets! Carpet cleaning is such an effective way of reducing dirt and bacteria build up in an office and it makes such a difference to the overall aesthetic of the building. Dirty carpets can really stand out and leave an impression on your staff and customers that you definitely don’t want to be associated with your brand! 

Let’s think about a coffee cup in your office (yum we love coffee… I can almost smell a fresh cup now…!). Every time you fancy a fresh hot beverage, you change your mug, right? If we used the same mug for weeks on end in the office, the mug would start to get mouldy and full of bacteria (and everyone in the office would think you were super weird!). Well, carpets kind of work the same; they act like a filter system and like your coffee cup, they should be cleaned regularly for optimum results! 

A professional carpet clean has so many benefits from making the office look and feel more professional, to actually having a number of health benefits too! Especially in offices where we keep our shoes on the whole time (although we do like the sound of office slippers being introduced!), just think of the germs and bacteria that each employee is naturally walking into the carpets every day. Also, dirty carpets can affect conditions like asthma and other conditions and illnesses. As with any form of cleaning, regular carpet cleaning helps to create a much safer and healthier working environment for your staff to be in.

Top things to look for when picking a carpet cleaner: 

Tip 2: Dusty desks no more! 

Ensure your office has a full deep clean before staff return. Not only does regular cleaning reduce the threat of Coronavirus and gets rid of nasty bugs, but your office is likely to be super dusty too if it hasn’t been used in a while right?! So make sure you get your general cleaning company to do a super deep clean before all the staff return back to work. Make sure they concentrate on areas like skirting boards and ceilings to remove any cobwebs and spiders that may have chosen your office as their new place of residence! 

Employees may be nervous to return back to their old office life when we have been told for what seems like forever to become hermits! So give them the peace of mind that they are returning to a sparkly clean office that is safe and not covered in sticky coffee stains that have been left for a month or two! 

If you are unhappy with your current cleaning company or your current team require additional support, we work with a fantastic commercial cleaning company called Sparkle Cleaning. Check out their website at https://sparklecleanup.com/ or call us today for more information. 

Top things to look for when picking a general cleaner: 

Tip 3: Fog off Coronavirus! 

Our final top tip is to get your building fogged before your staff return. Fogging is the process whereby high pressured machinery is used to create a fog-like mist of antiviral products to cover all surfaces. This is the BEST way to ensure your building has been fully disinfected as the mist covers everything from keyboards and phones to the ceilings and walls! It is completely safe for electrical products and is such a fantastic and easy way to ensure your office is totally safe from harmful bacteria or viruses that may be lurking on those surfaces or in that carpet!

Top things to look out for when picking a fogging company: 

So there you have it! Here are some of our top tips and things to look out for when thinking about returning back to your office! As we slowly creep towards the end of lockdown, it is really important that you start getting prepared and get these things sorted. You want to reaffirm your commitment to your staff by ensuring they return to a SAFE and HEALTHY working environment. If you need help organising any of the above, please GET IN TOUCH TODAY! A Cleaning Service can organise all of this and help return your office back to a space you and your staff can be proud of! 

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