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Why your cleaners need to put their prices up

Every year the government increases their minimum wage. It has recently been announced that in April 2020 the government is going to be increasing by the biggest margin in the last few years of 6.2%

The rise is more than 4 times the rate of inflation and will rise to £8.72 for over 25’s. From April 2020, the new rates are:

What will this mean to your cleaning teams?

Most cleaning companies will operate at minimum wage for employees, at Sparkle Cleaning we operate a Living Wage for all our associates, meaning we shall be increasing their hourly rate to above the recommended £8.72 minimum wage but what happens to this additional cost?

We will have to increase the cost of our services

Our prices are calculated on several factors, for example, we allocate 

10% of your hourly rate to supervision, Audits, check-ins, client meetings etc, 

10% to staff holiday cover, sickness etc

1% to the maintenance of equipment replacing mop head, vacuum bags etc

What happens if my cleaning company doesn’t increase their costs?

If your cleaning contractor doesn’t increase their costs then their standards are probably going to drop. You won’t be getting as many audit visits, they might try and stretch that mop head a little further or instead of spending the expected amount of time on-site, they leave slightly earlier.

If your Cleaning Company isn’t increasing their costs then make sure you get a review from Sparkle Cleaning by using the link HERE or call us on 01172 591456

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