What do you get when you buy into a Sparkle Cleaning franchise?

When you buy into a Sparkle Cleaning franchise, you’re buying into more than just a business. 

You’re buying your way into our team. By becoming part of our team, you get to gain knowledge from all of our franchisees across the country. 

You also get the ability to trade off a known brand, and you get to build out your own community with other franchisees. When we all get together for our quarterly training sessions and our Christmas parties and our summer parties, you’ll get to know our other franchisees, and learn from each other too.

One of our core values is ‘family comes first’, so we want all of our franchisees to become part of that community. 

This is why we recommend that before you buy into a franchise, take some time to have conversations with our franchisees and get to know them. 

Are they people that you would want to get to know, and want to talk to, and want to build a relationship with? 

When you buy into a Sparkle Cleaning franchise, you’re investing in yourself. 

Franchises have a far better success rate than going it alone. If you start your own business, there’s only a 4% chance you’ll still be operational in three years. If you buy into a franchise, because we’ve already built our systems, we’ve got the knowledge and the experience ready to go, and we can teach you all of it.

When you invest in a Sparkle Cleaning franchise, you become part of a massive support network, making it much more likely that you’ll have a more successful first three years. 

You’re also building an asset for yourself. When you buy into a franchise, you should be getting paid in three ways; by taking a salary out of the business from day one, by taking a share of the profits, and lastly by building an asset. You are able to build an asset to sell on, or keep generating an income. 

If you’d like to know more about buying into a Sparkle Cleaning franchise, becoming a part of our team and building yourself an asset, then give us a call today on 01172 591 456, or find out more and download an info pack here.

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